“To develop and produce products of high quality that passes Government standards and satisfy the needs of our customer”.


“To be one of the country’s leading and most innovative manufacturers of GMP-certified personal care products, distributing the finest quality and value priced products locally and in the international market.”


We inspect the quality assurance of the product to ensure we comply with the company’s quality standards, as well as any government requirements The manager’s checklist will include parameters to check such as reliability, packaging quality and efficiency.


Christian Cosmetic Science Incorporated offers skin care products such us herbal soaps, medicated soaps, transparent soap, astringent, facial cleanser, cream, shampoo, lotion, deodorant and other cosmetic products. Our Internal manufacturing capabilities ran the full systems, beginning with the QC passed raw materials and following through the entire manufacturing quality control, pre/ post production control, inventory and shipping procedures.

Research and Development

Christian Cosmetic Science has been in the forefront of development with innovative and creative products for the cosmetic market, We have been introducing products to date are very saleable in the market today such us:

  • Papaya Soaps And Herbal Soaps
  • Placenta Soap
  • Milk Soap
  • Oatmeal Soap
  • Feminine and acne Soap
  • Whitening Lotion
  • Sunblock Lotion
  • Rejuvenating Lotion
  • Clarifying Lotion
  • Whitening Cream
  • Sunblock Cream
  • Night Cream
  • Placenta Cream
  • Henna Shampoo
  • Coconut Shampoo